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I have been growing and propagating grapevines for over 20 years.

After developing an interest in home winemaking  from kits and reading a book on the subject, I planted a small vineyard in the back of my home in Dundrum, Dublin in 1988, The plants were acquired from a vineyard on the Isle of Wight and consisted of five varieties which were hoped to suit conditions in Ireland.

I joined the U.K. Vineyards Association as an associate member in October 1989.

I was co-founder in forming the Irish Vinegrowers Association at Mallow, Co Cork in 1991. 

I commenced planting a vineyard in south county Dublin in 1991 which now has extended to about 320 vines of 8 or so varieties.

I have great hope for the future of grape growing and winemaking in Ireland both for amateur growers and commercial growers.