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Bare rooted vines are 5.00 euro each

Potted vines are 6.50 euro each

Grafted vines are 6.50 euro each

Potted grafted vines are 8.00 euro each

Unrooted hardwood cuttings are 2.00 euro each

10 cuttings are 18.00 euro

For large quantities of vines and cuttings discounts will apply

Postage/packing of one bare rooted plant to anywhere in Ireland is 6.05 euro

Postage/packing of one bare rooted plant to the United Kingdom is 7.55 euro 

Postage/packing rate per plant will be less with a larger number of vines 


Other items for sale are

4ft Bamboo Canes are 3.45 per 10 or 35 cent each

Rabbit Guards to protect young vines from damage and spray drift are 3 for 5.00 euro, or 1.70 each 

Reusable vine ties for attatching vines to trellis are  1.00 euro per 10 

6" x 8" fruit protection bags for grapes, apples, pears, and small melons are 42 cent each

Polynet vine row side netting 125 cm wide for protecting grapes from birds 26 cent per metre

6" Ground Cover Pegs 16.12 per 100 or 2.00 per 10

Butterfly clips for attatching netting or polythene to wires are 2.88 euro per 10

Anchor clips for attatching  netting to wires are 1.56 euro per 10 

Vine eyes prices on request

All prices are inclusive of Vat